Mother's Day, 15th March 2015, how are you going to treat yours?


Mother's Day


Mother's Day rituals change year to year, gone are the days that our daughters used to make something they were extremely proud of at school and then (not so secretly) come home with the surprise. They would wake up early on that Sunday and, not so quietly, go downstairs, let the dogs out and then start to make a tray of tea (with the help of Steve!) They would then all appear in our bedroom shouting 'Happy Mother's Day' and argue who was going to be first to give their homemade card and present. Over the years I have been treated with pieces of embroidery, mugs, paintings and photo frames, each of which have been treasured.


How times change quickly, now I lie there wondering what time the tea will arrive and my teenage daughter will grunt 'Happy Mother's Day' before returning to bed. Luckily my younger daughter still enjoys the occasion. We do still spend the day together and always finish with a delicious roast dinner (my favourite). How we spend this Mother's Day this year is up for debate - as long as it includes food, I really don't mind.


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       "Mothers hold their children's hands for a short while, but their hearts forever."