Clearing The Decks

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Clearing The Decks For The Year Ahead!


Some see January as a month of abstinence and gloom after the hedonistic Christmas period but we like to think of it more as a chance to quite literally clear the decks and get the house in order.


It is a time to reclaim your space from the excess of decorations and wrapping paper and to find a corner for new things.  It is also a time to enjoy your home and revel in planning the year ahead, without the pressure of having to actually do anything just yet.


A little tidy up can do wonders for the soul, particularly if the incentive at the end of it is the purchase of some new accessories; a few new folders perhaps or a notebook for all those plans. We are not talking major house renovations here, just a little organising of your home office perhaps.  


So go on, clear the decks, make those plans and enjoy January and the promise of the year ahead in style.




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