Father's Day Gift Ideas

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Father's Day is on it's way, stuck to know what to give? Why not have a look at our website, we have several really good ideas for that unique gift.


Boxfiles, magazine files and letter trays are always a popular gift for men, it's not only a gentle way of asking for clutter to be tidied away, but they look fantastic in any home or office.


A number of our customers are personalising journals with a special message? We can personalise a number of our handmade home and desk accessories with names, quotes, dates, topics, family emblems....... and the list goes on! If in doubt, a pen pot and memo block is a safe option, with all our many different designs and colours, there is something suitable for everyone.


Don't forget our bespoke service if you have a certain colour/design you wish to talk through then please ring us on 01908 587858. As all our accessories are handmade to order - there really is very little we can't do.

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