Five Ways To Get Organised in 2019

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Five Ways To Get Organised in 2019
So the new year has rolled around and we’re making lists of things to do, putting them down, and forgetting where we left them… Whatever your new year’s resolution, we have the home accessories to help!
1. Create the photo album you’ve always wanted
Is the year over already? Was it a blur? We have so many memorable moments, and in our opinion there’s nothing better than flicking through a photo album with physical pictures - these things are just too important to be left digital! Gather some images - maybe from a family event, a holiday, a new baby or even a wedding - and select a size of album to fit them into. We love adding colour coordinated photo corners and switching them up between pages, leaving enough room to write in the album and even adding things like pressed flowers. Be sure to emboss your album with a personal message and leave it somewhere everyone can get their hands on it. 

2. File away all your loose paperwork
You know we’re all guilty of it. We all have that pile of paperwork marked “to do later”, but how much later is just the question… Personalise box files and categorise them by type; add card frames or embossing, or colour code the hinge and ribbon colours for quick and easy access to all of your essentials. Need somewhere to put the children’s school reports? There’s a box for that. Somewhere to store accounting information for your home-run business? There’s a box for that too! Have a look at some of our suggestions and personalise to your heart’s content. Try mixing print and texture in the same colour palette, that looks really chic!

3. Make over your desk

Work doesn’t have to be boring! Whatever and wherever your workspace, you can brighten it up with some careful planning of coordinated accessories! Pen pots have many uses - store paint brushes, tools, or your go-to pieces of stationery. We’re never without memo blocks. Big or small, it’s always ideal to have somewhere to scribble down notes. Add some stackable letter trays, which look great when put together in different colours, and a magazine file for storing loose paperwork, notepads and more. Quick as a flash, you’ll be the envy of everyone!


4. Plot, plan and scheme your way into 2019! 
Getting married? Planning the holiday of a lifetime? Don’t do it without a personalised planner! Create a bespoke A5 journal, add some corner protectors, and you’re all set for planning on the go. With a choice of lined or plain pages, they also make great bullet journals! When you’re back at home, file your ideas into expandable organiser files, which are fixed with a ribbon, or into organiser boxes, which neatly tucks everything away under the lid. Personalise with a message and don’t forget to make use of the dividers so you know exactly what’s where!


5. Create a keepsake box for the year ahead
Like creating a mini time-capsule, you can preserve your memories from a particular time in a beautiful box, just for you! Store cards, small gifts, photographs and more to remember your year by, and come back to it again and again. With some boxes available in more than one size, you can select several or just one, making each a little different from one another. Try map print for travel memories, and have fun experimenting with pattern and colour for everything else. 
Remember to show us your Harris & Jones products in use, we love seeing them go through the workshop and hope you love them as much as we love making them!
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