Personalised Box Files

Everyone single H&J Box File has been curated and designed by our customers then handmade in our workshop by our skilled team of artisans. We don't just make luxury Box Files and hope customers buy them, instead our customers design exactly what they want and how many and only then do we made your products to order. This more sustainable model of working means less waste, good for our business and good for the planet.

As everything is handmade to order we can offer collections with different coverings including Designer, Fabric & Traditional. All can be personalised as required with made in various sizes from A5+ to A3+. 

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handmade box file handmade box file
Patterned Box Files

From £41.00

A Few Customers...

We work with individual Designers, Design Houses & Interior Designers as well as Developers, Corporate Clients & Independant Schools. And finally, Private Families & Individuals looking to curate their own unique products.


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