Chiyogami is beautiful, silkscreened paper from Japan. Each sheet is handmade using a combination of different colours, with each colour being printed and dried individually. We love the vibrancy and soft tactile touch of these papers.

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Box files - Chiyogami Box files - Chiyogami
Chiyogami Box files - Chiyogami

From £34.00

Clipboards - Chiyogami Clipboards - Chiyogami
Chiyogami Clipboards - Chiyogami

From £15.00

Keepsake Boxes - Chiyogami Keepsake Boxes - Chiyogami
Chiyogami Keepsake Boxes - Chiyogami

From £22.00

Lever Arch Files - Chiyogami Lever Arch Files - Chiyogami
Chiyogami Lever Arch Files - Chiyogami

From £27.00

Magazine File - Chiyogami Magazine File - Chiyogami
Chiyogami Magazine File - Chiyogami

From £26.00

Memo Blocks - Chiyogami Memo Blocks - Chiyogami
Chiyogami Memo Blocks - Chiyogami

From £10.00

Organiser Boxes - Chiyogami Organiser Boxes - Chiyogami
Chiyogami Organiser Boxes - Chiyogami

From £46.00

Pen Pots - Chiyogami Pen Pots - Chiyogami
Chiyogami Pen Pots - Chiyogami

From £10.00

Ringbinder Files - Chiyogami Ringbinder Files - Chiyogami
Chiyogami Ringbinder Files - Chiyogami

From £24.00

Tissue Boxes - Chiyogami Tissue Boxes - Chiyogami
Chiyogami Tissue Boxes - Chiyogami

From £26.00

Waste Paper Bin - Chiyogami Waste Paper Bin - Chiyogami
Chiyogami Waste Paper Bin - Chiyogami

From £48.00

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