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House of Amitié is the vision of lifelong friends Angela Bush and Jemma Lewis. Having met at secondary school, Jemma and Angela decided upon the name 'House of Amitié', (pronounced "a mee tyay") meaning friendship, which is at the heart of their small business.
Their specially designed marbled patterns are created in-house using centuries-old techniques. The history, heritage, and timelessness of this craft remain a fundamental part of their brand. Jemma & Angela wish to honour this magical art and let the designs be enjoyed by everyone - no longer hidden inside the covers of books but to be enjoyed as a myriad of beautiful interior products. 
House of Amitié's design tips: 
  1. Steer clear of temporary trends and choose timeless pieces and designs that can be enjoyed for years to come and become future heirlooms. By choosing classic pieces that are well made and will stand the test of time we break the cycle of throwaway culture. 
  2. Elevate the everyday by storing your boring household items and bills in pretty boxes and stylish storage. 
  3. Personalise your space with designs and objects that reflect you and your personality. If you love craft, colour, pattern, and books then consider adding some marbled detail to your interior. 

House of Amitie

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