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Debossing is our favoured method to create unique personalisation and branding. Select from a blind deboss, creating a beautifully subtle textured finish, or coloured deboss, transferring high pigment foil into the surface.

Our Standard Debossing Process:

  • Coagulate the correct lettering for the desired press.
  • Position the engraved lettering correctly into the locked press.
  • Heat the plate to around 212 °F or 100°C.
  • Select a gold or silver foil, or plain emboss the material
  • Position the material to ensure the deboss is correctly placed.
  • Press firm down on the press allowing a clear imprint imprinted
  • Allowing the material to cool.
  • You now have a beautifully embossed product.

We also commission custom stamps for company logos. Sending your brand logo to an external company that uses graphic design software to digitally import your logo onto a CNC machine. This then die-cuts the logo file into a bespoke metal plate which is sent to us to deboss your products with.

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