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The most gorgeous present. If you’re looking for a special present then a photo album is the most beautiful idea.
I don’t know about you but I loved getting our family photo albums out when I was a child and going through them all. My Nanny was the photographer and took so many photos, we now have a cupboard full of my parents and I am so thankful she took them all - they are the most amazing memories.
I’ve definitely taken on my Nanny’s role and now take ALL the photos, but putting this album together was such a joy, I loved looking back and hope my children will love looking back as I did (and do).
The Harris and Jones albums are handmade in the UK and they are so beautiful they are in real life. You can personalise the cover, and hinges and add text onto the spine, this one is ‘our memories’ but I’d love to do a wedding one too. You can also use the album as more of a scrapbook for memories - somewhere to store all the kid's drawings or awards too.
I’m so impressed with the photo album. It’s a beautiful album, and well-made. The fabric and paper covers are gorgeous, the text on the spine is beautifully printed and inside the album, the paper is a lovely cream with a protective layer in between sheets. There is something very nostalgic about this album and I know this will be something that will be in our family for years to come. It’s a really special gift and it was a joy to put all of our family memories inside.
Sarah Peasant our home in dorset
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