Exterior Covers

We offer four cover ranges.


Designer Covers. We collaborate with amazing designers such as Jemma Lewis, Cressida Bell, Rapture & Wright, and more who produce traditional marbled designs as well as abstract art to cover your interior accessories.







Classic covers. These are made from a uniquely embossed coated paper well-known for its traditional yet modern faux leather look. It is soft to the touch, durable, and FSC & REACH certified.







Fabric Covers. These are a combination of both linen & cotton, they are soft and tactile to the touch and available in various shades to suit any project.







Patterned Covers, traditionally named Chiyogami. This beautiful, silkscreened paper originates from the Kyoto region of Japan. Each sheet is printed using a combination of different colours, with each colour being applied and then dried individually.